Daniel Res

DANIEL RES is a graduate of history from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. He has studied modern European history from the 18th century to the present, whilst primarily focusing on British history and Anglo-Austrian relations during the Napoleonic Wars. Since childhood he has been fascinated by the life and exploits of the 1st Duke of Wellington. In addition to endeavouring to offer up new insights into this historical figure, Res has drawn upon five years of research to add some important Central European context to Wellington and his age. The author has also cooperated with organizations such as the Central European Napoleonic Society (CENS) and Project Austerlitz with a view to preparing an anthology for the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Znaim. Res has also been inspired by various non-fiction authors who link thorough historical analysis with fiction-style writing in their work, leading readers on a captivating journey through a given period or topic. In respect to the extensive range of biographies of Wellington, Res especially appreciates the work and legacy of Elizabeth Longford. At present, the author is working as an independent researcher and publisher.  

Like Wellington, he has a passion for horses and has trained in dressage at a professional level for almost a decade, making his extensive experience of horse riding evident in his historical texts. Daniel Res currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic and, in addition to the study of history, he loves animals, travelling and collecting antiques and objets d’art.